Thanks for visiting vree.com.   If you are checking the dates on my last post, you can see I’m a little behind.  But  it’s with good reason.  Here’s what’s been keeping me busy when I’m not helping clients.

Weekly comic I began last year.  You can see all the comics at  storydweller.com or check it out on facebook.com/storydweller .

Find out what is really going on when you go to the driving range. MapSwing is an IOS app I created to help track your golf shots.

Vree.com is my personal web site to showcase my projects of all shapes and sizes. The Portfolio section is a few highlighted projects I’ve worked on.  The Project Blog is essentially every project.  Many of the projects revolve around UI/UX, design, animation and flash programming. Some are much larger endeavors. I’ve been involved in several start up companies since 2003. Photagious, photo management and slideshow tool.. and Gamebattles the largest online destination for competitive console and PC gaming. Both were exciting and successful products. Gamebattles has over 1,000,000 gamers worldwide, and over 800,000 teams looking to compete, and is now owned and operated by Major League Gaming. While photagious.com was shut down in late 2008, at it’s peak photagious hosted over million photos and received Adobe Site of the Day twice.




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